Download PHeasel


for local development

Any HTTP-Server with PHP >= 5 and mod_rewrite enabled
(e.g. XAMPP)

for publishing

Any HTTP server being able to serve at least static files


The first release of PHeasel is nearly finished, but still needs a final touch. However, if you would like to try the latest version, you can get it from our Git repositories at GitHub or SourceForge


Just unzip the downloaded file to the htdocs directory of your web server. Then visit http://localhost/.


Pheasel is published under the Apache license version 2.0, basically allowing you to use it to build your (private and commercial) web sites and web applications for free.

If you are creating and/or running a website with PHeasel, please support PHeasel with an attribution link. You could e.g. add a footer link like <a href="">Powered by PHeasel</a> or <a href="">Running on PHeasel</a> or whatever you like.

If you do not want to or cannot add a footer link, you should at least consider adding a single link, e.g. on a legal or about-us page.