What PHeasel can do for you

Search Engine Friendly (SEF) and Pretty URLs

Search engines like pretty URLs. Internet users like pretty URLs. With PHeasel, each page's URL can be configured right in its PHP or HTML file. PHeasel takes care of getting the internal links right.

Easy Internationalisation (I18N)

PHeasel URLs are completely independent from the directory structure used in the background. This (and the good support for internationalised URLs) makes multilingual websites a no-brainer.

Re-usable Markup

Duplicating code is most often a bad idea. PHeasel makes it easy to split your markup and content into portions to be re-used on different pages.


PHeasel does not need a database to work. The pages are be served right from the file system which cuts down page load time drastically.


The web server's file system is the only way to modify your website. Thus, PHeasel does not introduce potential security vulnerabilities, your website is as secure as your web server.

Free and Open Source

PHeasel is published under the Apache License, so in case you ever want to have a peak under the hood: PHeasel's code base is open, straightforward, pragmatic and well-documented.

What PHeasel cannot do for you

Now that you know what PHeasel is, please be sure to understand what it is not before getting started.